Ev.-luth. Parishes of Lommatzsch-Neckanitz, Dörschnitz-Striegnitz and Zehren

Redesign Parish Newsletter "Lichtblick"

The parish magazine Lichtblick of the Lutheran parishes of Lommatzsch-Neckanitz, Dörschnitz-Striegnitz was previously produced by the marriage office. Due to the abundance of tasks, this could not be continued in this way. With the addition of the Lutheran parish of Zehren to the sister church relationship, we were commissioned to take over the typesetting of the Lichtblick. In the process, a redesign of the parish magazine took place. Carefully and with the necessary respect for the work done so far, we revised the title page as well as the type area and typography.


Ev.-luth. Kirchgemeinde Lommatzsch
Ev.-Luth Kirchgemeinde Dörschnitz-Striegnitz
Ev.-Luth Kirchgemeinde Zehren