PAMO Reparaturwerk GmbH - Website

Responsive website based on Contao including news and career portal

The PARTZSCH Group modernized its corporate design in 2018. As part of the group, PAMO Reparaturwerk GmbH has been given a new logo that is based on its corporate design. As we created and maintained the original PAMO website, we were also able to take on the redesign. Based on the design of the PARTZSCH website, the website of PAMO Reparaturwerk GmbH has a new and yet independent appearance. Based on the new CD, we redesigned the website and in the course of this also changed the content management system from Joomla to Contao 4. Compared to the old website, new features were used and extended its functionality.
We are responsible for concept and implementation, as well as ongoing technical and content maintenance of the website.