Protestant youth of the church district Freiberg

Integration and individual adaptation of a booking tool for events in the website

At the beginning of this year, the office for CHILDREN, YOUTH AND EDUCATION of the Freiberg church district, whose website we designed and implemented, approached us with the wish that in future registration for events of the EvJu Freiberg should take place via its own homepage.
Equipped with a precise catalogue of requirements, we found a system which, with adaptations, met the wishes of the office and could be integrated well into the existing website implemented with Joomla. We chose the extension Eventbooking.


EvJu Freiberg

The most important requirement that the system must bring is the generation of a PDF from the completed form fields in the registration. This PDF is to be sent to the participant by email so that he or she can sign it and send it back to the EvJu Freiberg for confirmation. With this Joomla extension, we were able to implement this by means of small adjustments. Furthermore, the system should offer the EvJu Freiberg the possibility to organize their events and their participants comfortably online in one system, in order to minimize and optimize the previously enormous administrative effort. We were also able to achieve this with Eventbooking.

As a special extension for Joomla, the Joomla user administration for editorial work in the backend is of course used here. It is therefore possible to allow only certain users to work on the events and the participant administration. External access to the data is therefore not possible. Sending the login data via https ensures compliance with data protection requirements.

In principle, this extension offers an even wider range of functions than those used for this project. For example, the complete payment processing can be realized by simply implementing different payment options via Eventbooking. The system also offers the possibility of sending tickets and certificates, e.g. for seminars and further education.
In addition to the integration and configuration of Eventbooking in the CMS, we have adapted the appearance of the individual elements to the layout of the EvJu Freiberg website.

Representation in the Frontend

In the frontend, the system offers different views for the presentation of the events.

  • Simple event list - output of date and title of the event
  • Extended list with a picture, a short teaser text, cost and capacity information and registration button
  • Event details view with more detailed information about the event and the possibility to register
  • Display of events in the calendar view, which can be set as a daily, weekly or monthly view
  • Mini calendar
  • Category filter

Care in the Back End

  • The Clear dashboard provides a good overview of the administration of the events, their participants, the event locations and all setting options
  • Extensive and clear participant management
  • Clear detailed management of events
  • Management of event locations is simple and yet offers many options (exact information on location, integration of Google Maps)
  • Creation of event categories
  • Definition and formulation of messages and emails
  • Possibility to send emails to all participants of a certain event etc.
  • Detailed billing, ticket and certificate settings
  • Waiting list function
  • Participant administration (possibility of user accounts for participants)
  • and much more

In a training course led by us, we introduced the responsible employees of the KINDER JUGEND BILDUNG (CHILDREN YOUTH EDUCATION) office of the Freiberg church district to the system, showed them the range of functions and familiarized them with how to use the system in their daily work.


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