Brand Development

How can you place your company, your brand or a product well on the market? This involves many factors that you have to include in your considerations.

Who are you as a company? How do you see yourself? How do you want to appear? Which target group do you want to reach? What competitors are there in your sector? What is their advertising like? What is your company's unique selling proposition? Among other things

From this initial analysis, a profile can be created, on the basis of which a strategy can be developed to place the brand in a targeted way and to achieve the loyalty of new customers. Once this strategy has been developed, the brand is visually elaborated. A logo is designed on the basis of which an entire brand design is created.

From the logo with image and word mark, possibly a claim, to the font and colours, a complete corporate design must be created where the visual language, typography, colour scheme, layout principles and basic elements as well as a formal language are clearly defined. The consistent implementation of these design specifications leads to a professional appearance vis-à-vis competitors and customers and strengthens the confidence of users in the product or service and the company.

We support you in these considerations and walk the path together with you towards a successful brand.


What are the benefits of brand development?
At the touch of a button, you can present your company/product accurately and convincingly with clear words.
Why does brand development make sense?
It even makes sense for small businesses and the self-employed. Why? The most important thing is to be noticed in the first place. Potential customers need to directly feel the familiar feeling to engage with you or contact you even more.
Is my logo also sufficient as a trademark?
A brand can be compared very well with personality. A logo is only a small part of the brand. A brand is only a brand when the personality is incorporated in all areas and thus leaves an impression.