Logo Design

The logo is the identification symbol of your company or brand. Graphics, font and colours must match the company, its products and services as well as its philosophy. It must be easily memorable and unmistakable and be applicable and effective on various media such as letterhead, business card, stamp, a pen, website, flag, car or a large banner on a house wall.

As a creative advertising agency in Dresden, we design the right logo for you or carry out a logo redesign. We place particular emphasis on a modern yet timeless design. We work constantly with you to achieve a unique result.

In the end you get the logo in the usual formats EPS, PDF, TIF as well as the formats SVG, PNG and JPG optimized for the internet.


How does a logo represent your company?
The important question here is what is the mission of your company? What symbols and images suit you? Let idea inspire you and we will look for the best image of the appropriate font and color.
What does the competition do?
The purpose is to design the logo with a recognition value, with just a quick glance you should have your company directly in mind. You can look at logos of the same industry, do you follow this competition or do you want to stand out deliberately?
Is the design unique?
It is important to make the design unique. By this is meant that the logo retains the same message in each language. Words and symbols that are totally unambiguous in the German language may be problematic for other languages and, these words and symbols should be checked and should not be seen in the logo in case of ambiguity / different meaning.