Corporate Design

What is a Corporate Design? - Corporate design (CD) defines the visual appearance of a company. It contains all the important design definitions, starting with the logo and the definition of colours and fonts to the basic definition of the design guidelines for all print and online media.

A professional appearance towards customers and competitors includes such a good visual image. We create a perfectly fitting corporate design for you based on your Corporate Identity and market positioning. The Logo is the first step.

grafische Darstellung der Bestandteile des Corporate Design


Within the logo design, we develop a colour concept that is transferable to all media, whether print media, digital media or advertising technology. We define primary and secondary colours that support the recognition of your company. The primary colours are defined in the common colour spaces RGB, CMYK as well as Pantone or HKS. We make sure that the colours are also available as foils for window or car lettering.


Typeface is the most frequently used means of communication. Therefore, typography is one of the most important elements in corporate design. It must fit the company and be usable in multimedia.


Images create emotions that bind your customers to your company.
Together with you, we define a content-coordinated and consistent visual language with which you present your company or your product visually.


We develop a uniform design concept that includes the appearance of all important media. In addition to letterheads and business cards, we also define a basic design grid within the corporate design for flyers, posters, brochures and other print media as well as the appearance on the internet via your own website and social media.

Style Guide

We summarize all defined specifications in a corporate design manual. Depending on your ideas, the definitions within the corporate design can vary in scope. However, we recommend that you not only have a logo designed, but also basic specifications for colours and design elements.


How long does it take to get a finished logo design?
You yourself are an important part of the logo design, so of course you should have a say. The design is a collaborative effort between you and us as designers. With quick and clear communication, you will find a good speed in completing the logo.
What is part of the corporate design?
The CD includes brand logo, type styles with specified examples of applications and possible uses, color concept with primary and secondary colors, layout specifications and image styles.
For what period of time is a corporate design suitable?
There is no expiration date on corporate design, occasionally improvements need to be made every few years as your business evolves as well.