Search Engine Optimization

Everyone wants to be found on the web and be as far ahead as possible in the search engine results. You can achieve this with just a few resources. We analyse your homepage and suggest measures to improve your search engine ranking. We would also be happy to carry out these measures for you.

Keyword Research

When users search the web for something specific, they enter keywords, groups of words or even entire sentences into the search engines to find what they are looking for. In order to place your website well in the search results, you should of course have content that also contains the keywords you are looking for. We do keyword research for you and see what keywords are being searched for on the net in relation to your industry. We make suggestions on how to integrate the keywords into your page, to what extent this makes sense and in which places they prove advantageous.

Off- and Onpage Optimisation

After all the research has been done, the results must be implemented. On the one hand, a page is optimized On-page. This means that all content is revised and improved. Headings are defined clearly and hierarchically and the texts are supplemented. New content is created. Metadata for pages, images and graphics are supplemented, among other things.

In addition to On-page optimization, we also offer to do this Off-page, i.e. not to take action on your website, but to link it to other websites, so-called backlinks. This also has a positive effect on the ranking of your website in the search engines.

Google Adwords

In addition to the measures to get further ahead in the unpaid search results, you also have the option of spending money and improving your ranking via Google Adwords. This option allows you to place your product where it makes sense. For example, you can choose the region or only a certain radius. The costs are settled with Google per click.

As an Adwords agency, we advise you on this, give you recommendations on whether and when advertising via Adwords makes sense and take care of the technical set-up.


Many things can best be clarified in a personal conversation. Questions can be asked and answered directly. Problems are discussed and solutions found. We rely on competent advice at eye level. Our aim is to make sensible suggestions and measures that not only we, but above all you as our customer, can support.

We are available to you in person, by telephone or by e-mail with advice and practical help.


What is SEO?
SEO is a method in online marketing to improve the findability in search engines.
What are the benefits of search engine optimization?
The benefit is to achieve good visibility on the web through good ranking positions. The intention behind this is to bring those users to the website who, for example, are looking for, need and buy exactly your product.
What is keyword research?
A keyword research refers to the definition and evaluation of relevant keywords for your website. The goal is to filter out the search terms with which the target group searches for your company's/product's offer on the website.