Offering products for sale via the internet is almost indispensable in today's world. It is particularly important to position and present one's products in a targeted manner and to ensure a high degree of user-friendliness.

Do you want to present and sell your products online or do you already have an online shop with which you are no longer satisfied? Then we can help you. No matter whether you already have an online shop or would like to set one up from scratch. We create a concept for you in which your goals, the structure and the necessary technical requirements are recorded. Based on this, we develop a responsive design, which brings you closer to our proposals in a click model. In consultation with you, we implement the final design in the actual shop system and set up the system completely according to your wishes. Our recommendation as an agency is the Shopware system. If you wish, we can also take care of editorial tasks, such as creating the article master, etc.

Basically, we make sure that the shop is optimized according to the criteria of SEO. We offer you to integrate the Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics. This gives you an overview of how many people have visited your shop, where they came from, how they moved around the site, where they might have left again, what the most popular items in your shop are, and much more. This helps you to further optimize your shop and improve its user-friendliness.

Here, too, we offer to take over the hosting and maintenance of your online shop. For this purpose, we create an individually adapted maintenance contract according to your wishes and needs.


How do I structure my online store?
To ensure easy use of the store for customers, it needs a good structure for the first overview. Thus, main categories are to be worked out and these are to be divided into subcategories. Likewise, you should consider these questions: Is your logo in the right place? Does your online store have a search function? Is it obvious where the shopping cart is located?
What content is important for my online store?
Many customers inform themselves before a purchase after the dealer is serious? What professional qualifications does the provider have? The most important points are e.g. master / company data for contacting, e-mail address, bank details (e.g. for prepayment), imprint, terms and conditions, privacy policy, revocation and about us.
How can my online store be found better on Google?
Through SEO (search engine optimization) and SEA (search engine advertising) your online store will be found better.