Ev. School for social affairs "Hans Georg Anniès" Moritzburg

Corporate Design Development

The newly founded Ev. Schule für Sozialwesen "Hans Georg Anniès" Moritzburg got its graphic appearance from us. The logo design was based on the logo of the Ev.-luth. Diakonenhaus Moritzburg, the school's sponsor. The logo has been simplified to ensure a clearer structure and an easier grasp of the graphic element. The colour is one of the original logo. With the font, we have deliberately moved away from that of the deacon's house.

Continuing with the logo, we developed a style guide that clearly defines the graphic appearance of the school. We defined rules for the use of the logo, its exclusion zones and display variants, as well as primary and secondary colours and their application and the prescribed fonts. For flyers, we provided a design basis that was also used in the first copies.

In the following, we created designs for merchandising articles and a roll-up as trade fair equipment.

Based on these design guidelines, we also created the school's website. Read more here.


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